It’s estimated that close to 40% of all time spent online is on social networks so, if you’re not reaching your consumers where they spend their time, you’re losing out on a lucrative market. To generate more leads, offer better customer support, enjoy greater brand exposure and conduct accurate competitive analyses, our social media marketing is the answer.

From Facebook and LinkedIn to Twitter and YouTube, there are many booming cyber environments, each with their own unique flavour. That’s why cementing your brand’s presence in the appropriate online social networking sites is so crucial.

Erackom will develop a social media strategy specifically suited to your company’s requirements and we also publish the most engaging, high-quality media, from images and copy, to videos and info-graphics. Our content teams know how to create eye-grabbing content that promotes your brand, builds customer awareness, encourages engagement and ultimately results in more sales and higher ROI for your business.

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