Customers are four times as likely to watch a video about a product as to read about it. Video gets your message across faster and easier, people are more likely to remember your message, it increases conversions by 80% and it conveys your business personality far more effectively than written text or static images.

Our in-house video production service focuses on producing videos that are cost-effective, quick to turnaround and are, above all, effective. Your audience will enjoy watching them and, with content that is considered authentic, they connect more with your brand.

What do you need a video for?

If you’re promoting something or trying to explain things in a more relatable and fun way – you need a video. If you’re making an announcement or sharing special news that you want people to be excited about – you need a video. And if you’re engaging with followers or spicing up your website to bring in new audiences – you definitely need a video.

These are the types of videos we can produce for you:

Listicles: These clips are simple, template-styled videos that are usually 15-60 seconds long. They use client-supplied text, generated graphics and images that are all aimed at your target audience.

Explainer video: In just 15-60 seconds, you can show your brand, product or service stories in a memorable way. Use these videos to explain how a consumer uses your product, installation instructions or to answer frequently asked questions.

Video interview: Who better to tell people about your brand offering than your own people or, even better, your own customers? These short videos are about 45 – 60 seconds long and show a person being interviewed with a specific angle or message in mind.

Events video: Make the value of a launch, show, activation or conference go beyond the day they took place. By interviewing guests, recording speakers and showing winners, all event content will be captured. Upload these onto your website and social pages, and send to people who attended the event.

Case study video: These videos perfectly explain the challenges, the solution your business provided and the end result – in a visual and interesting way. Use these internally, when your sales team are pitching or even if you are entering an industry award.

Documentary or corporate video: Want to tell your brand story in an engaging way? We can advertise products, pitch services and build brand identity using storytelling, which makes your brand relatable to viewers and creates positive associations.

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